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Riverside County Grand Jury Exposes Fraud and Deceit In CFD Bonds

The 2018/2019 Riverside County Grand Jury has released a Report titled: “Community Facilities District Bond Funding in Riverside County Perpetual Debt Under CFD and Service Area Taxes.” CFD Bond Fraud is rampant throughout Riverside County, but nowhere are the Mello Roos State Laws more violated than in the City of Beaumont.

Former Beaumont Officials Guilty in Corruption Case – Admit Engaging in Fraud

Four former Beaumont officials accused of corruption pleaded guilty Tuesday, Dec. 19, to charges including embezzlement, misappropriation of public funds and conflict of interest, and agreed to pay a total of $8.1 million in restitution.

Beaumont Payroll Tops $1 Million/month

Beaumont’s Payroll recently topped over $1 Million/month from $700,000/month when City Manager Todd Parton took over in November, 2016. A Public Records’ Request of Beaumont’s Payroll has revealed som … more

Beaumont Councilman Lloyd White’s Statement on Grand Jury Report

“It Actually Praised the Work We’ve Done ” At the July 2, 2019, Beaumont City Council Meeting Lloyd White spoke about the Riverside County Grand Jury’s CFD Report to the City’s Bond Lawyer. Lloyd Whit … more

Beaumont’s 2019/2020 Mello Roos CFD Taxes

Beaumont Councilmen Violate State Law requiring ALL of the Councilmen to Vote on any Resolutions, Ordinances, or Collection of Monies. On August 6, 2019, the Beaumont City Council Approved the 2019/20 … more

Beaumont City Council Agenda – Aug 4, 2019

More Bond Debt & the 2019/2020 Mello Roos CFD Bond Taxes. Watch Council Members Walk Out the Door & Give Up Their Rights as Citizens. Agenda City of Beaumont City Council Meeting Closed Sessio … more

Beaumont Audit & Finance Committee Meeting Monday Aug 5, 2019

Finance Director Slithered Away in June, but Nothing Stops Beaumont From Forging Documents. Agenda City of Beaumont Finance and Audit Committee Meeting Regular Session 6:00 PM Monday, August 5, 2019 C … more

Beaumont Councilmen Responses to Grand Jury’s CFD Report

Carroll Defended Council’s actions by Claiming they Reduced the Amount of CFD Bonds to be Paid by Homeowners by Millions of Dollars. The problem in Beaumont has never been lack of illegal government a … more

Beaumont Bond Counsel Stradling Yocca Response to Grand Jury

The City is Not “Missing Bond Money” and does Not believe there is a “Gap in Public Facilities and Services”. City of Beaumont Bond Counsel Response to the Riverside County Grand Jury Request for CFD … more

What is a County Grand Jury? A Tutorial for Nancy Carroll

“Issuing Criminal indictments to Require Defendants to go to Trial on Felony Charges At the CVAN Meeting Beaumont City Councilman Nancy Carroll attempted to minimize the Riverside County Grand Jury’s … more

Expendable Seven’s Plea Deals with Riverside District Attorney

So Where is the $11 Million Paid by Beaumont’s Former Executive Staff?The City has released the records requested from the Grand Jury regarding the City’s Bond and Construction scam. Included in the d … more

Property Insurance Rates & Risk Increase Without Fire Stations

‘A’ Fire Station is Near the End of the List, but it doesn’t mean it’s That Low on our Priorities. It’s on the List, Right? At the July 2, 2019, Beaumont City Council Meeting the Public Works Director … more

Federal & State Violations of Law Listed in the Grand Jury Report

“This Public Comment Presents a Serious Conflict of Interest, Deceit & Fraud upon its Citizens. A Conspiracy to Mislead the People.” The Riverside Grand Jury Report on CFD Abuse uses specific term … more

Grand Jury Report on CFD Bond Funding Fraud in Riverside County

When the Grand Jury requested a Copy of the Document, their Legal Representative JOHN PINKNEY stated that “Such a Document Does NOT Exist.” The 2018/2019 Riverside County Grand Jury has released a Rep … more

Former Beaumont City Councilman Mark Orozco Back in Jail

Orozco Violated the terms of his Probation by Beating his Wife and Eating in Tijuana. From what I can piece together from the two newspapers; Orozco was jailed for violating his probation by not repor … more

Public Records’ Request: Everyone Else’s Public Record Requests

The City used to Upload all Public Record Requests onto Laserfiche, but Beaumont No Longer Pretends to be Transparent. Mehlman’s trolling has opened a can of worms the City of Beaumont probably didn’t … more

Beaumont ‘Finance Director’ Melana Taylor Slithers out the Door

It’s a Bad Sign when a Finance Director Walks Out Before Closing the Books. Beaumont ‘Finance Director’ Melana Taylor has slithered out the door. Taylor was never qualified to be a government finance … more

City of Beaumont City Council Agenda – Jul 1, 2019

Bond Debt on Areas 3, 9, 11, AND 12A. It will ‘Lower CFD Taxes’ AFTER City Shortfall is Pillaged. Agenda City of Beaumont City Council Meeting Closed Session 5:00 PM Regular Session 6:00 PM Beaumont F … more

Sacramento County to Pay $107 million for Corruption Decades Old

Contrary to Riverside D.A. Hestrin’s Lies; There is No 3-Year Limitation on Government Corruption, So Why Don’t you DO YOUR JOB, Mike? This horror story out of Sacramento County is a too common occurr … more

Beaumont City Clerk/Propagandist Exhibits Ignorance of Office

Beaumont City Clerk Steve Mehlman Continues Propaganda for City while Holding Public Office. The State of Cali has two big red flags that their government agencies are corrupt: The Brown Act and the P … more

Beaumont City Council Agenda February 19, 2019

More Bond Debt, More Corrupt Staff, & More Funneling Taxpayers’ Money Out of the City Beaumont City Council Agenda February 19, 2019: CLOSED SESSION 2. Significant Exposure to Litigation Pursuant … more