Former Beaumont City Councilman Mark Orozco Back in Jail

Orozco Violated the terms of his Probation by Beating his Wife and Eating in Tijuana.

From what I can piece together from the two newspapers; Orozco was jailed for violating his probation by not reporting that his wife had filed a police report and that he went out of the country.

From Record Gazette “A restraining order was filed against Orozco on June 25, before his arrest on June 28.

His wife, Olivia Orozco, filed the restraining order in Riverside County Superior Court, David Gutknecht, deputy executive officer of administration for Riverside County Superior Court, told the Record Gazette that a temporary restraining order was placed against Orozco and would remain until a hearing July 16 at the Riverside Family Law Courthouse.

Gutknecht said that the restraining order protects Olivia Orozco and their four children, who are under 18.

He is not allowed any contact with his family and must stay 100 yards from them.

From the Press Enterprise: Mark Anthony Orozco, 42, in one instance did not within the required 48 hours tell his probation officer that he had talked to Beaumont police, who were investigating him for a separate felony allegation involving abuse of an individual, a Riverside County Probation Department document filed in his case said.

A probation officer received the police report on the case June 27, and Orozco had been contacted by officers June 25.

Also, Orozco was searched at the probation office on June 28, and a June 25 receipt for a Tijuana, Mexico restaurant was found in his right pocket. Orozco had not received permission to leave California, the document said.

“..Orozco pleaded guilty to soliciting a bribe from Pardee Homes and ordering the falsification of rival’s campaign reporting form. Representatives from Pardee Homes refused to pay the bribe and instead reported the crime to the district attorney’s office. The falsified campaign form was a scheme to retaliate against Beaumont City Council member Nancy Carroll, who had voted for Lloyd White for mayor instead of Orozco, prosecutors said…”

#1 “soliciting a bribe from Pardee Homes”

This was for the City Council seat appointment – what Orozco didn’t know is that both candidates were already in Pardee homes’ pocket, so Orozco’s one vote was worthless.

#2 “The falsified campaign form was a scheme to retaliate against Beaumont City Council member Nancy Carroll”

I’m the one that turned in Nancy Carroll to the fair political practices commission for the money Nancy Carroll received from orozco, but failed to report.

Orozco formed a PAC to get Julio Martinez and Nancy Carroll elected, but none of them knew anything about reporting PAC money, so i turned them in – but it was only a few thousand dollars total …

#3’Nancy Carroll, who had voted for Lloyd White for mayor instead of Orozco”

Nancy Carroll appeared out of nowhere after the raids in 2015 – i remember the 1st time she showed up at a city council meeting and sat behind me and Judy as if she was supporting us … next thing we know Marion Ashley forms the ‘Gateway Commission’ and Nancy Carroll is given a seat on that commission …

Orozco didn’t realize that Nancy Carroll was a plant from the county, so naturally after helping Nancy Carroll and Julio Martinez get elected Orozco thought they would support him for mayor – and orozco won the majority of the votes AND Orozco, Martinez & Carroll are all dems and Lloyd White is a GOP … there was no reason for Nancy Carroll to vote for Lloyd White – except that she’s a County plant …

but they wanted Lloyd White to be mayor because Lloyd White is stupid and easily manipulated … now the Beaumont city council has 2 Dems and 2 GOP, but they all vote lock step to approve every illegal activity their staff performs …

Record Gazette:

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