Public Records’ Request: Everyone Else’s Public Record Requests

The City used to Upload all Public Record Requests onto Laserfiche, but Beaumont No Longer Pretends to be Transparent.

Mehlman’s trolling has opened a can of worms the City of Beaumont probably didn’t want people to know.

After the Raids the City of Beaumont promised the State and the Citizens that, in the ‘spirit of Transparency’ the City would upload all documents onto the City’s Laserfiche website for all to view.

That ‘spirit of transparency’ lasted a few months.

With a corrupt Staff and City Council comes a cloak of darkness and the need to hide documents. Beaumont no longer makes Public Records Request public, but the requests are still a matter of public knowledge.

Mehlman, the City of Beaumont’s favorite Troll, opened his big mouth, which has led to the discovery that dozens of people – mostly Lawyers and Investigators, have filed Public Records’ Request with the City of Beaumont.

How many Claims and Lawsuits have been filed against the City of Beaumont?

Nobody knows because the ‘new Beaumont’ hides Pubic Information that even the ‘old Beaumont’ never hid.

But all public record requests are also public records, so…

Public Records’ Request: “Copy of every Public Records’ Request submitted to the City from everyone except me or Judy since 10/04/2017 AND the responses to the Public Records’ Requests.”

Let’s see what information all those Lawyers are looking for and maybe I can help them out.