Beaumont ‘Finance Director’ Melana Taylor Slithers out the Door

It’s a Bad Sign when a Finance Director Walks Out Before Closing the Books.

Beaumont ‘Finance Director’ Melana Taylor has slithered out the door. Taylor was never qualified to be a government finance director. She had zero experience in Government Accounting, Federal Municipal Bonds, or as a Finance Director.

The City started advertising for another Finance Director on around June 15th, so it appears that Taylor slithered out the door two weeks before closing the 2018/2019 Fiscal Year.

It’s a big red flag when a finance director leaves before the close of the books. Normally, it would mean that they stole a lot of money. But Taylor was nothing but a front originally hired as an Account Manager. It’s more than obvious that former Stockton Finance Director/Urban Futures Employee/Pun Group Auditor Vanessa Burke has been the one forging Beaumont’s financial statements.

After Bill Aylward unceremoniously submitted an email resignation and slithered away in April, 2015, the Beaumont City Council hired Mike Busch of Urban Futures as a ‘Finance Advisor’ knowing that Urban Futures was an business associate of Beaumont’s former City Manager Alan Kapananicas.

It was Mike Bush that brought in Onyx Jones as the first Finance Director to replace Aylward. Taylor was hired to be an Account Manager, but after Jones left the City gifted the title of ‘Finance Director’ to Taylor knowing that she wasn’t qualified.

To this day not one honest, qualified person has been hired by the Beaumont City Council. We can tell by reading their resumes that the people are not qualified. A city the size of Beaumont should have a Finance Director with at least a decade of honest government accounting and three more Accountants. The City refuses to staff the finance department because they are forging documents.

Since the 2015 Raids the Beaumont City Council and their hand-picked Staff have conspired to cover up the past $400 Million Embezzled by Forging the City’s Financial Statements. To make matters worse; in 2018 the City acquired over $50 Million in Mello Roos CFD Bond Fund allocated for ‘Construction’ and handed every penny over to the Developers with no receipts or payroll records as required by State and Federal Laws.

The entire point of Accounting is to account for the money. Money is tracked to the penny; the theory that the City could cover cup the embezzlement of hundreds of millions of Taxpayers’ money was foolhardy to say the least.

The City Council either has to hire another corrupt accountant to pose as ‘Finance Director’ or hire an honest Finance Director and terminate their City Manager, Assistant City Manger, City Attorney, City Clerk, Chief of Police, and whatever job titles Kyle Warsinski, Kari Mendoza & Elizabeth Gibbs Urtiaga are currently holding.

Beaumont’s City Councilmen and Staff had the opportunity to do the right thing and set the City, but they did not have the morality. And as Beaumont’s City Councilmen and Staff have demonstrated; they have to go to prison or they will never stop pillaging the Taxpayers.