Beaumont City Clerk/Propagandist Exhibits Ignorance of Office

Beaumont City Clerk Steve Mehlman Continues Propaganda for City while Holding Public Office.

The State of Cali has two big red flags that their government agencies are corrupt: The Brown Act and the Public Records Act. When your government agency can’t/won’t follow basic State Laws = your government is corrupt.

Steven Mehlman has been a paid propagandist for the City of Beaumont since 2014. As readers of The Patch know; Mehlman has trolled me obsessively in his defense of the City of Beaumont’s Corruption.

Now Mehlman is an Elected Official, the City Clerk, but he is still first and foremost a Propagandist.

Mehlman has written a letter to the Editor of the Record Gazette:

In his letter the Beaumont City Clerk complains about the costs of filling public records stating:

“A public records request dated 1/15/2019 required 289 hours of dedicated staff time to complete. The cost to the taxpayers for fulfilling this request was $27,514.02.”

1952 is gone and it’s never coming back. All government documents are required to be scanned and recorded by the City Clerk’s Office. Fulfilling a public records’ request in the 21st century is as simple as opening the file on the computer and emailing the information to the Taxpayers.

How is it possible to expend 289 hours and $27,514.02 on a five-minute procedure?

But a bigger factor is; where did Mehlman get his information ?

Either Mehlman submitted a public records’ request or he’s printing Propaganda for the City of Beaumont.

PRR: Copy of Mehlman’s public records’ request asking for the cost of two (2) public records request. All documentation and communication regarding Mehlman’s information for every Elected and/or Appointed Official. ‘All documentation and communication includes, but is not limited to emails, meeting notes, inner-office correspondence, letters, and any other forms of communication that resulted in Mehlman receiving information on the cost of a pubic records’ request.

AND let’s see the allocation of $27,514.02 wasted pillaged on behalf of a public records’ request. i want to see Timecards, Invoices, spreadsheets, and any other documents used to record the allocation of funds wasted.