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Beaumont’s Four Year Anniversary of the Raids

Beaumont City Councilmen the ‘Opportunity’ to Stop the Corruption, but not the ‘Decency’. On April 22, 2015 the Riverside County District Attorney assisted by the Riverside Division of the F.B.I. cond … more

RIC 1707201 is a Consolidation of Four (4) Civil Lawsuits

In March 2019 alone Beaumont Citizens Paid $30,000 to Sue for & $70,00 to Defend the Pillaging of $400 Million. In March, 2019, Beaumont City Attorney John Pinkney was paid $150,000. $30,000 was t … more

Beaumont City Council Agenda April 16, 2019

Fake Case Number Against Urban Logic and $100,000 in Legal Fees with the ‘Urban Logic’ Excuse. City of Beaumont City Council Meeting Agenda Tuesday, April 16, 2019 Closed Session 5:00 PM Regular Sessi … more

BCV Water District Meeting Tonight – April 10, 2019

Legacy Highlands wants to Build 3,000 Houses Dependent on Water Supplies that Do Not Exist.   3. Will Serve Letter for Parcel number 401-141-010 located on Avenida Miravilla, Northeast of the Edg … more

Beaumont City Council Meeting: What Did We Learn? – March 26, 2019

WRCOG is a Perfect Example of a Bureaucracy: It Starts Out as One Little Thing, then it Expands. Western Riverside Council of Governments was formed to collect Mitigation Fees to build Regional Roadwa … more

$287,199,466 in Audit Adjustments

When an Auditor sees $200 million in Securities on the books they have to Verify that the Securities Exist. No Excuses There are a total of $287,199,466 ‘Audit Adjustments’ on Beaumont’s 2018 Audited … more

Internal Control Audits

The Pun Group has recorded five (5) Material Weaknesses and two (2) Significant Deficiencies in the City of Beaumont’s Internal Controls. Internal controls are policies and procedures put in place to … more

Beaumont City Council Agenda – March 30, 2019

The 2018 Audit has Arrived after being 4 Months Late and it’s Very Different than the 2017 Audit. City of Beaumont City Council Meeting Closed Session 5:00 PM Regular Session 6:00 PM CLOSED SESSION 2. … more

Beaumont-Cherry Valley Water District Agenda March 28, 2019

Ponytail Guy & Legacy Highland Development is Again Requesting Will-Serve Letters Without a Secured 20-Year Water Supply. BCVWD Board Meeting Thursday, March 28, 2019 – 6:00 p.m. ACTION ITEMS Disc … more

CVAN Petition to Supervisors Protesting Shopoff Warehouse

Letter to County Supervisors Opposing the Warehouse the Shopoff Group wants to build at Cherry Valley Blvd. and the I 10 freeway. From Cherry Valley Acres and Neighbors – CVAN – One House Per Acre Zon … more

Beaumont City Meeting Agenda March 19, 2019

$100,000 to Cherry Festival is Illegal; $60,00 to Dudek is Fraud; and $107,000 to City Attorney Pinkney is a Waste of Taxpayers’ Money. Beaumont City Meeting Agenda March 19, 2019 Closed Session 4:30 … more

Beaumont Audit Finance Committee Meeting Tonight March 4, 2019

No 2018 Audit, No CFD Financial Reports, and They are One Forged Audit Too Late for a ‘Fraud Policy’ 1. Adoption of Minutes: Approval of minutes dated February 4, 2019 FAC Minutes 02.04.19 2. January … more

Beaumont City Council Agenda March 5, 2019

More Bond Debt and More No-Bid Contracts Gifted to Lawyers. Agenda City of Beaumont City Council Meeting Closed Session 5:00 PM Regular Session 6:00 PM 550 E 6th Street, Beaumont, Ca Tuesday, March 5, … more

Beaumont City Council Meeting – February 18, 2019 – What Did We Learn?

Mayor Julio Martinez was Did Not Know the City had Changed his Email Address. “I Trust my Staff” CLOSED SESSION 2. Significant Exposure to Litigation Pursuant to Government Code Section 54956.9(d)(2) … more

26 U.S. Code § 141. Private Activity Bond

Records show that 100% of the money Removed from the City of Beaumont’s Bond Construction Funds was Transferred directly to the Developers BONDS USED 100% FOR PRIVATE BUSINESS: Beaumont’s Bonds contai … more

2017 Audit Removed from Beaumont Website

If there’s Nothing to Hide, Why is Beaumont’s Staff and City Council Hiding?? Attached is a screenshot of the City of Beaumont’s website showing that the 2017 Audited Financial Statements has been rem … more

Beaumont Negative $28 Million General Fund Balance

With a General Fund Revenue of $16 Million; Beaumont claimed a total Revenue of $183,967,387.06 and total Expenses of $193,076,443.29. In an effort to meet the Securities and Exchange Continuing Discl … more

CVAN & Sierra Club Win CEQA EIR Challenge

To quote the Judge: “Final report needs additional analysis”. CVAN and the Sierra Club succeeded in challenging the CEQA EIR against the Gateway/San Gorgonio Warehouse project. To quote the Judge: “Fi … more

PRR: One Last Try for Bond Requisitions & Account Statements

Beaumont Staff claims that the Bond Trustee does NOT Sent monthly Statements & Staff does Not even know what Bond Fund Account Reports are. Attached are the Bond’s ‘Sources and Uses Pages’ and a s … more

Notice to S.E.C. that the Riverside D.A. is Faking it Again

If Beaumont’s Councilmen & Staff aren’t be assured by the Riverside District Attorney’s Office that they will never be Indicted, then who? Below is the letter I wrote to the Securities and Exchang … more