Beaumont’s Four Year Anniversary of the Raids

Beaumont City Councilmen the ‘Opportunity’ to Stop the Corruption, but not the ‘Decency’.

On April 22, 2015 the Riverside County District Attorney assisted by the Riverside Division of the F.B.I. conducted a Raid in the City of Beaumont, the home of former City Manager Alan Kapanicas, and the homes & offices of Urban Logic Consultants.

Along with the City Manager; the D.A. Indicted former Chief of Police Frank Coe, Finance Director Bill Aylward, City Attorney Joe Aklufi, and Urban Logic’s three Principals that held government positions – Planning Director Ernie Egger, Economic Development Director Dave Dillion, and Public Works Director Deepak Moorjani.

The ‘Expendable Seven’ were Indicted, but the City Council that hired, directed, and approved every illegal activity were never Indicted. One by one Riverside County D.A. Hestrin released each of the Expendable Seven with a slap on the wrist.

April 22, 2015, gave the Beaumont City Councilmen the ‘opportunity’ to hire honest staff, stop the bond fraud, and recoup the money stolen from the Taxpayers, but they did not have the ‘decency’.

Four years after the Raids and not one person has been fired or held accountable for the fraud and embezzlement of $400 Million. If you ask any Beaumont City Councilman, past or present, they will tell you that no money is missing and all the infrastructure has been built.