Riverside D.A. Indictment

The Indictment of former City Manager Alan Kapanicas, Finance Director Bill Aylward, Economic Development Director Dave Dillon, Planning Director Ernie Egger, Public Works Director Deepak Moorjani, City Attorney Joe Aklufi, and Chief of Police Frank Coe.

The Indictment defined Conflict of Interest and describes how the men used their government positions to acquire Mello Roos Municipal Bonds and pay their own companies from the proceeds of the bonds.

Embezzlement is defined and the Indictment explains how the City of Beaumont stole $42 Million in TUMF Mitigation Fees from the Western Riverside Council of Governments. The City of Beaumont has until October 10, 2016, to formulate a Plan of Repayment, which is now over $60 Million.

Misappropriation of Public Funds is defined and multiple examples are provided. The Indictment describes how the Interest Free Personal Loans to Chief of Police Coe and nine other Police Officers that totaled $113,773.

The Indictment also includes details regarding the City’s relationship with Beaumont Electric, owned by Jim and Stacey Love. The Indictment states that the City illegally acquired a State Resale License then paid for a total of $6,247,458.86 in electrical supplies for Beaumont Electric in order to claim the sales tax as the City’s revenue.