Cost to Taxpayers

Urban Logic has been paid over $23.8 million of public funds on top of their salaries as commission for approved development projects and public improvements. Per their unusual contract with the City, which has not been reviewed or put out to bid since it was adopted in 1994, Urban Logic receives a commission of 4.5% of the cost of all development projects and 9% of the cost of all public works projects.

Urban Logic’s contract, which gives them a percentage of every development and allows them to collect even more money by billing hourly for many other services, motivates them to approve as many development projects as possible. Unchecked development has depleted local resources and has caused the cost of these resources to rise for existing residents and business owners.

  • Water – Depletion of groundwater supply has made necessary the purchase of increasingly expensive imported water, which has led to skyrocketing water rates.

  • Education – Local schools have been unable to keep up with the growing population and are now facing a financial crisis despite the recent passage of hefty bonds (another significant cost to local residents and business owners).

  • Healthcare – The increased population has stretched resources at San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital, causing financial strain despite the recent passage of a bond.