Quality of Life

Financially motivated to approve as much development as possible, Urban Logic has failed to uphold high development standards and has settled for questionable planning quality, leaving residents with traffic problems (i.e. 2nd Street) and aesthetically second-rate new developments (i.e. Beaumont Marketplace).

In their rush to make money for themselves by pushing for the approval of development as quickly as possible, Urban Logic has allowed unchecked development to deplete and strain local resources and services such as water, education and healthcare, and has caused the cost of these resources and services to rise for existing residents and business owners.

Urban Logic and City Manager Alan Kapanicas have made government less accountable and less accessible to residents by limiting the number of citizens who can attend public meetings/hearings, restricting public access to key department heads (who are principals of Urban Logic) by having them work out of City Hall only two days per week, and by forcing all correspondence between the public and their elected officials to be opened and screened by Urban Logic or City Manager Alan Kapanicas prior to being given to Councilmembers.

The rapid and unchecked growth which has resulted from Urban Logic’s contract with the City has caused Beaumont to lose much of its small-town feel and sense of community. The fastest growing city in the State of California from 2007 to 2008, Beaumont has seen a huge influx of new homes, people, and commercial development. Beaumont can no longer legitimately claim to be a small “rustic, rural” community.