What is a County Grand Jury? A Tutorial for Nancy Carroll

“Issuing Criminal indictments to Require Defendants to go to Trial on Felony Charges

At the CVAN Meeting Beaumont City Councilman Nancy Carroll attempted to minimize the Riverside County Grand Jury’s CFD Report by stating: “The County Grand Jury is Civil, not Criminal, so nobody’s going to be Indicted.”


From the California Courts Website: https://www.courts.ca.gov/civilgrandjury.htm

What is a county grand jury?

In California, the grand jury system consists of 58 separate grand juries—one in each county—that are convened on an annual basis by the Superior Court to carry out three functions:

  • Investigating and reporting on the operations of local government (which is known as the “watchdog ” function a civil, rather than criminal function),
  • Issuing criminal indictments to require defendants to go to trial on felony charges, and
  • Investigating allegations of a public official’s corrupt or willful misconduct in office, and when warranted, filing an “accusation” against that official to remove him or her from office. The accusation process is considered to be “quasi-criminal” in nature.

The Grand Jury Report states in the first paragraph: “The Riverside County Grand Jury (RCCGJ) can identify and call to justice those involved in outright corruption.”

‘Call to Justice’ means turn it over to the County District Attorney’s Office – and I don’t think D.A. Hestrin will have the balls to give slaps on the wrists this time.

As rampant as government corruption is; it’s a fool’s game in the 21st century. Every penny is electronically transmitted and the people’s business.

And as the City of Beaumont have proven; if corrupt Elected and Appointed Officials don’t go to prison government corruption will never end – another set of crooks will just take their places.