Russ Bogh is a ‘No’ for Supervisor

Russ Bogh is running for Riverside County Supervisor.  Bogh is a former State Assemblyman from Beaumont that owns Bogh Construction.

$400 Million has been embezzled from the City of Beaumont.  Records show that Bogh Construction received $36 Million from Beaumont’s Bond Fund Accounts to pay Bogh Construction through the Beaumont-Cherry Valley Water District. (Download bogh-bcvwd PDF.)

Records also show that Bogh Construction received payments directly from the City of Beaumont from as far back as 2007 up until November, 2015.

In the Spring of 2015 the City was scrambling to cover up their corruption.  Emails between former Chief of Police Frank Coe and Russ Bogh show that Bogh helped organize both the phony Fire Station Committee and the phony Finance Committee. (Download bogh-fire-finance-committee-2015-emails PDF.)

The Fire Station Committee resulted in a report confirming that yes, Beaumont built 20,000 houses, but never built fire stations.   Some houses in Beaumont are over 20 minutes from fire and safety protection.  The Report was swept under the rug, the Committee was dissolved, and to this day Beaumont Citizens still have no fire stations.

From 2010 to 2016 the City of Beaumont funded the position of Executive Director with the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce for Russ Bogh’s wife Sheri.

Russ Bogh’s 700 Form from 2009 show that Bogh is invested with the Shopoff Properties Trust, which is attempting to develop the Gateway/San Gorgonio Development Project in Cherry Valley. (Download bogh-700-form 2008 PDF.)

Bogh is also invested in the Bonita Development Company, Live Oak Canyon Road Development Company, Diversified Pacific, and Tetra Tech.

Lynn Baldi, the Incumbent running for San Gorgonio Pass Hospital Director is ‘Momma Bogh’, Russ Bogh’s mother.    Momma Bogh is the ‘Risk Manager’ for Bogh Construction.

In January, 2014, Russ Bogh was fined by the Fair Political Practices Commission $3,000 for accepting a campaign contribution that exceeded the limit from Bogh Engineering:

Russ Bogh is from Beaumont, but instead of protecting his City from corruption he protected and profited from the corruption.

Vote No Russ Bogh.