Recycled Water Agreement Between BCVWD City of Beaumont

Beaumont wants both the City & BCVWD to Meter & Charge for the Recycled Water. There is no Recycled Water.

City of Beaumont

Re-Use Agreement w/BCVWD

Discussion Points – Dated 11-5-18

  1. City of Beaumont and BCVWD to negotiate a contract for the sell and purchase of re-use water

a. Take or pay contract

i. BCVWD to guarantee payment of a minimum base charge (monthly)

1. Paid whether any flow is taken by the BCVWD

2. Base charges – to cover capital costs and fixed maintenance and operations expenses including, but not limited to:

a. Capital recovery for existing improvements,

b. Capital repair and replacement,

c. Debt service payments,

d. Capital expansion,

e. Basic maintenance and operation expenses, such as:

i. Staffing,

ii. Administration,

iii. Information technology,

iv. Insurance,

v. Billing,

vi. Facility/system maintenance, and

vii. Facility/system operations.

ii. BCVWD to make payment for the delivery of re-use water to BCVWD’s point of delivery

1. Basic charges on a per gallon basis up to a maximum guaranteed amount established in the contract

2. Premium charges on a per galloon basis for volume in excess of the maximum guarantee

iii. Both the City of Beaumont and BCVWD to install master meters to measure the

volume of re-use delivered from the wastewater plant and received by the

BCVWD system

b. City of Beaumont reserves the right to sell unused re-use water to others

i. Each customer to be entitled to any benefit associated with the use and/or storage of re-use water to other customers

ii. City of Beaumont maintains the right to enter into wholesale contracts for the sale of re-use water to other customers

iii. Contracts for the sale of re-use water to be based on a first-come/first-served


2. City of Beaumont to provide Title 22 quality re-use water

a. Water quality reports to be available upon request

b. City of Beaumont shall be subject solely to regional, state, federal, and official oversite (oversight) agencies

3. Credit to be provide to development by BCVWD for re-use water generation

a. Development to have re-use water credited toward long-term water demand calculations (to be incorporated into the EIR)

b. Ultimate water demand calculations to be net of re-use water generated w/in the development

c. Water demand and wastewater generation estimates to be established on a land use equivalence (LUE) basis:

i. 1LUE = 1 Single Family Detached Unit (5/8″ Meter)

ii. Water Consumption Estimates to be Based Upon Actual Water Meter Data for the Winter Months (Winter Averaging)

iii. Wastewater Generation Estimates to be Based Upon Actual Water Meter Data and Actual Wastewater Influent Data

iv. Non-Residential Consumption Estimated to be Based Upon Actual Water Meter Data and Actual Wastewater Influent Data

4. Designation of Responsibility for System Improvements

a. City of Beaumont to be responsible solely for the system improvement necessary to produce and supply Title 22 water pursuant to a contract between the City of Beaumont and the BCVWD

b. BCVWD responsible for the system improvements necessary to accept and distribute Title 22 water.

c. Delivery point for re-use water to be mutually agreed upon by the parties

d. Each party to be responsible for the design an construction of its respective improvements as established

5. Separate rate structure to be established by the BCVWD for re-use water

a. BCVWD to Establish a Separate Rate for Customers that Purchase Raw Water for Non-Potable Uses

b. Separate Meters to be installed for the Flow of Non-Potable Water