Planning Commission Public Hearing June 12, 2018

75′ Warehouses, Condos in Sundance, and Rebecca Deming is the Planning Director Again.

The City of Beaumont has announced a Public Hearing at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 for the following Plan Changes:

Rolling Hills Industrial Ranch: McDonald Property Group wants to Increase height of buildings from 50′ to 75′.

Sundance Specific: Pardee Homes wants to add Condominiums.

Pieology wants Beer and Wine permit for 1620 East 1st street.

Dennis Ferguson wants a variance from his forced landscape requirements.

All legal notices are signed by ‘Rebecca Deming Director of Planning’.

For those unfamiliar with Rebecca Deming; she is a former Urban Logic Employee and Ernie Egger’s personal assistant. Deming was gifted the title of ‘Planning Director’ when Egger went into hiding in 2010. After the Raids Deming was hidden under numerous other titles, but her and former Urban Logic Employee Kyle Warsinski continue to run the same operation they were taught by the Expendable Seven.