Notice to S.E.C. that the Riverside D.A. is Faking it Again

If Beaumont’s Councilmen & Staff aren’t be assured by the Riverside District Attorney’s Office that they will never be Indicted, then who?

Below is the letter I wrote to the Securities and Exchange Commission along with the Riverside Grand Jury Request for Records and a Letter from the California Board of Engineers. The Riverside County Grand Jury is NOT going to fake another Investigation to ward off the State and Feds.

Attached is a ‘Request for Documents’ from the Riverside County Grand Jury to the City of Beaumont. I found the document disclosed in the $12.68 Million Bond the City of Beaumont received on December 2, 2018. The Grand Jury Request was never disclosed to the public by the City. Most of the requested documents are regarding Beaumont’s CFD Bonds.

Riverside County’s Grand Jury is a farce to comply with California State Law. The Grand Jury Members have no funding, training, or legal counsel. There have been many many Riverside Grand Jury Investigations in the last 15 years that have all resulted in ‘we see nothing’. I filed two complaints myself; one in 2013 and again after the Western Riverside Counsel of Governments’ TUMF Judgement. Judge Chaffee outlined Beaumont’s bond and construction scam and called it “Fraud by Clear and Convincing Evidence”.

Still the Riverside Grand Jury proclaimed: ‘we see nothing’.

In 2015 the District Attorney’s Office Raided the City of Beaumont and originally Indicted seven Appointed Officials for misuse/embezzlement of the entire $400 Million missing. However, the D.A.’s Office then changed the Charges to only the $42 Million in TUMF money stolen from the WRCOG. The $42 Million in TUMF money came out of Beaumont’s CFD Bonds. it is not possible for the D.A.’s Office to investigate the TUMF fraud and embezzlement without stumbling upon the other $360 Million embezzled.

The D.A. never Indicted the City Councilmen that hired, directed, and approved every illegal action taken by their Staff. And after the ‘Expendable 7’ were Indicted the Beaumont City Councilmen just brought in another set of crooks to cover up the last $400 Million embezzled and to appease the Developers that are the prime beneficiaries of Beaumont’s bond and construction scam. Beaumont City Councilman Mike Lara is also the Riverside County Building & Safety Director.

I am holding all of the information regarding Beaumont’s illegal activity for the past 15 years, but the D.A.’s Office has called me only once back in 2016 and that was to question me regarding a statement I made that elected and appointed officials must go to prison or this epidemic of government corruption will never stop. The D.A.’s Office didn’t call me for information, they called me to protect Beaumont’s corrupt Staff and Council.

Hestin tells people, off the record, that he can’t Indict for the other $360 Million embezzled because it’s ‘over three years’, but he refuses to make a public statement because he knows it’s a lie.

Also attached is a letter from the California Board of Engineers regarding the complaint I filed against Beaumont’s former Public Works Director Amer Jakher for his participation in Beaumont’s illegal activity.

The Board of Engineers writes: “..these allegations would be best addressed by law enforcement and/or the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office.”

I get this response a lot from State Agencies. The California Bar Association called me to ask why I didn’t file a complaint against James Gregg with the Riverside D.A. I told them that I did; I carried it in on a silver platter with a bow on top – literally, but the D.A.’s Office continues to protect the white collar criminals in Beaumont and throughout Riverside County.

I will send the Grand Jury and the Riverside County District Attorney Mike Hestrin all of Beaumont’s illegal activity that has occurred just since Hestin’s phony raid in 2015. Hestrin knows that I am holding all of the documents needed to prove numerous violations of State and Federal Laws by Beaumont’s Staff and City Council. If Hestrin and the Grand Jury do not request my training to understand the information, then we’ll all know that the County is just creating another smoke screen to appease and ward off State Agencies.

Beaumont has openly violated almost every State and Federal Law written. ‘Somebody’ has assured Beaumont’s City Councilmen that they would get away with illegal activity. If Beaumont’s City Councilmen and Staff aren’t be assured that they will never be Indicted by the Riverside District Attorney’s Office, then who could possibly give them those assurances?