Letter to Standard and Poor’s Regarding Beaumont Stability

City Council just hired more Crooks and is attempting to continue the same Bond and Construction Scam.

Standard and Poor’s

1 Market Street #1500

San Francisco, CA. 94105

Re: City of Beaumont

To whom it may concern;

I am the independent Auditor that’s exposed Beaumont’s bond and construction fraud. $400 Million has been misused/embezzled out of the City of Beaumont. Beaumont has illegally acquired over $300 Million in federal municipal bonds, stole all the money, and never built needed infrastructure. The other $100 Million was embezzled from taxes and fees.

The City of Beaumont announced that they will be meeting with a representative of Standard and Poor’s to beg for a bond rating, specifically for their Sewer Bond. Beaumont’s last sewer bond was pulled after it was discovered that it was used as a conduit to embezzle money out of the City’s other Bonds. The City’s Bond Requisitions can be viewed here: http://beaumontgate.org/beaumo…

Beaumont has built 20,000 houses without filing CEQA EIRs, without building Fire Stations, without a Recycled Water Facility, and without a water supply. State Law requires a 20-year secured water supply, Beaumont has a 2-year water supply.

Beaumont has forged their audited financial statements for over 25 years. The City has produced three (3) versions of the Financial Statements ending June 30, 2017, but refuses to release the Internal Controls Report or the list of $400 Million in Capital Assets that has been plugged into Beaumont’s 2017 Audit.

On June 5, 2018, and again on June 19, 2018, the Beaumont Police Association stated to the City Council that the Staff is corrupt, the police are under staffed and haven’t had raises in a decade, and the Police Association will actively campaign against the Councilmen running for re-election.

Citizens have attempted to file a Notice of Recall on Mayor Nancy Carroll and the Mayor Pro-Tem Julio Martinez, but the City Clerk refuses to accept the Recall Notice, so we have filed a Complaint with the State.

The City of Beaumont plans to illegally overcharges Mello Roos CFD Taxes by $12 Million in 2019. The Property Owners of CFD Area 7B have Petitioned the City of Beaumont to stop illegally overcharging Mello Roos Taxes. 7B is a Senior Citizen community that has contacted a Lawyer in order to file an Injunction to stop the illegal taxes.

$400 Million has been misused/embezzled from the City of Beaumont, but not one person has been fired or disciplined. The Citizens had hoped that the City Councilmen would hire honest Staff and stop the illegal activity, but the City Council just hired more crooks that are attempting to continue the same scam of illegally acquiring bond debt then stealing all the money.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional information.

Thank you,

Libi Uremovic