Help Stop Beaumont’s Illegal Sewer Fee Increase

Download the Sewer Opposition Form Here


$100 Million has been embezzled from Beaumont Sewer Plant, no one has been held accountable, and now the City wants the Citizens to pay the money again. The Answer has to be NO!

California State Laws requires Voter Approval on ALL Tax Increases, but the City refuses to follow State Laws and is requiring the Citizens of Beaumont to submit Opposition Letters. If the Citizens do not submit 9,000 Letters of Opposition the City will impose another illegal Sewer Fee Increase.

Beaumont Citizens must band together to stop the Illegal Sewer Fee Increase before the June 19th Deadline. We are organizing stations to collect Sewer Opposition Forms from June 9th through June 19th.

We are expecting the City to increase Sewer Fees regardless of the number of Opposition Letters received and we are preparing to File an Injunction in Court to stop the City.

If you can donate time to collect Sewer Opposition Forms please contact Libi at, or call her at (702) 503-2022.

To make a Financial Contribution:

Deadline:  June 19, 2018 at 6:00pm.

Notice from City of Beaumont:

Written protests must be received prior to or during the Public Hearing on June 19, 2018. Any written protests received following the close of the Public Hearing will not be counted. All written protests must (at a minimum) include the following information to be counted:

(a) Address or assessor parcel numbers of property subject to the rate increase,
(b) whether the protestor is an owner or a renter,
(c) a clear statement protesting a particular rate or rates pursuant to this notice, and
(d) the name and signature of the property owner or customer of record submitting the request. As established by Proposition 218, oral protests presented at the meeting will be heard but cannot be counted toward the 50% + 1 calculation.

Thank you for your support,

Beaumont Citizens for Responsible Growth


Download the Sewer Opposition Form Here