Grand Jury Request For Documents from City of Beaumont

The Question is: Is Hestrin going to Do His Job, or is he going to Cover Up Beaumont’s Bond & Construction Fraud AGAIN?

I found this insert in the $12,680,000 CFD Bond the City acquired and threw the bill onto the Property Owners of Sundance Area 8E.

Here’s the thing; Riverside County’s Grand Jury is just a farce. There’s zero funding or training. The County Supervisors appoint people to the Grand Jury because it’s a State Requirement, but the only time it ‘works’ is in situations like Mark Orozco, who was set up because he wanted money for his vote. Orozco didn’t realize that everyone else on the City Council were already bought and paid for including his buddies Nancy Carroll and Julio Martinez.

So what’s the point of asking about the CFD Bond money and dirty deals with Developers now? It’s the same trading bond money for mitigation fees that’s gone on since 2002.

It could be that the County District Attorney’s Office is getting too many inquiries from the State and Feds, but that doesn’t mean that Hestrin won’t try the same scam of indicting a few Appointed Officials, but leaving the City Councilmen that hired the Crooks, direct the Crooks, and approve – excuse me ‘Receive and File’ – all of the Crook’s illegal activity.


On November 1, 2018, the City received a request for documents from the Riverside County Civil Grand Jury (the “Grand Jury Request”) seeking, among other things, materials and information concerning the City’s community facilities districts, including related contracts and expenditures, the planned use of proceeds from litigation against former city employees, and the findings from the investigation by the SEC. A copy of the Grand Jury Request is attached hereto as Appendix I. The City plans to fully cooperate with the Grand Jury Request, and believes some of the issues relate to matters which were the subject of the investigations by the Riverside County District Attorney’s office. See “STATE AND FEDERAL INVESTIGATIONS AND CRIMINAL CHARGES INVOLVING FORMER CITY OFFICIALS.” The City believes that the Grand Jury Request does not impact the validity of the Bonds or the ability of the District to levy the Special Taxes and pay debt service on the Bonds.

The Riverside County Grand Jury of the State of California:

YOU ARE REQUESTED to deliver the following items to the Grand Jury of the County of Riverside, State of California, at 3901 Lime Street, 2nd Floor in the City of Riverside, State of California, 92501, on or before the 14th day of November, 2018, at 3 p.m.

  1. Copies of all CFD bond contracts between the City and the Developers from the last 6 years.
  2. A list and dollar amount of all projects funded with CFD money since January 2015.
  3. Information on any CFD interest money shifted to other projects beyond new development.
  4. A declaration of planned usage of money received from lawsuit against former city employees convicted on CFD fraud,
  5. How does the city plan to fill the gap in public facilities and services due to the missing bond money.
  6. A copy of the policy developed to preserve bond funds in the future.
  7. A copy of the reconciliation report done by Webb and Associates of projected bond losses due to theft of prior city employees.
  8. Disclosure of all developer or subcontractor money donated to Council member campaigns during the 2016-2018 elections.
  9. A copy of the original Master Development Agreement.
  10. The findings of the securities and exchange commission investigation of Beaumont CFD bonds.

*All documents are to be un-redacted*