CVAN Petition to Supervisors Protesting Shopoff Warehouse

Letter to County Supervisors Opposing the Warehouse the Shopoff Group wants to build at Cherry Valley Blvd. and the I 10 freeway.

From Cherry Valley Acres and Neighbors – CVAN – One House Per Acre Zoning

Below is a letter than you can copy and paste to the Board of Supervisors regarding the warehouse that the Shopoff group wants to build at Cherry Valley Blvd. and the I 10 freeway.

Here is the list of supervisors:

Karen Spiegel: District #2 e-mail:

Chuck Washington #3 e-mail:

V. Manuel Perez: #4 e-mail:

Jeff Hewett #5 e-mail: (He is our Supervisor) The attorney thinks the others will go along with his opinion since it is in his district.

Kevin Jeffries #1 e-mail: His was the only No vote on the warehouse.

Dear Supervisor ______:

Shopoff developers will be bringing back to the Board of Supervisors a highly controversial plan to build a huge warehouse on Cherry Valley Blvd bringing traffic and air pollution along with many other problems to a still pristine rural area of Riverside County. This is the wrong place to build a warehouse, and yet this development was approved — ignoring a host of protest letters and pleas from hundreds of community members who attended the supervisors’ meeting. However, the approval of the EIR was rescinded by the court on February 7th requiring the developer to do additional research to substantiate their claims. The EIR also required several major amendments to the County Plan which was supposed to protect rural areas of the county — such as Cherry Valley — from irresponsible developers who don’t live here and don’t have any concerns except their profits.

Because this EIR will need to be re-certified, I would ask you to please read the protests to this project written by the people who live in Cherry Valley — people you represent as an elected official of Riverside County. These heartfelt letters should still be on the county website and will give you an idea of the way this community feels about its rural environment. This warehouse — if built — would do irreparable harm to one of the most beautiful areas of the county you have sworn to protect. I would ask you not to vote to re-approve this EIR before you understand the ramifications of this horrendous project on the lives of the people it will impact.

Thank you for your time

Sincerely yours,