Council Approves Sewer Fee Increase

Council Voted Lock Step to Circumvent Pro 218 Laws

Let the Opposition Petitions and Recall Process for Nancy Carroll and Julio Martinez begin!

Below is a form letter, but anyone can write their own. Please send the letter to me so a copy can be made before it’s turned into the City.

Opposition to the City of Beaumont’s Sewer Fee Increase in Violation of Prop 218

I,________________________________, Residing at __________________

___________________________, _____________________, California 92223,

am submitting my formal Opposition to the Sewer Fee Increase imposed/approved by the Beaumont City Council on April 17, 2018, in violation of Prop 218 Laws requiring Voter Approval.

TO THIS DAY the City refuses to establish a separate bank account and continues to deposit Sewer Fees into the General Fund. $100 Million has been embezzled from Beaumont Sewer Plant, no one has been held accountable, and now the City wants the Citizens to pay the money again. The Answer is No.

2001 Wastewater Bond Requisitions shows money transferred from Beaumont’s CFD Bonds to the Wastewater Bond, then paid out to ‘Urban Logic Consultants’:…

The City has collected $5.7 Million additional sewer fees in the last five years with their last illegal sewer fee increase without voter approval, but that money is gone too. To quote Beaumont City Manager Todd Parton: “We spent it on other things.”

In 2015 Beaumont Citizens requested the City Council limit development until the government was under control, but the Council and Staff ignored the Citizens’ request. Instead of collecting the needed Mitigation Fees from the Developers, the City made ‘deals’.

For example; Heartland is constructing 1,000 houses, but only paid $3 Million total to the City in exchange for $12 Million worth of Mitigation Fees. The $3 Million money was deposited into the General Fund as ‘one-time revenue’ There are no mitigation fees to pay for the sewer capacity, roads, and other impacts that thousands more vehicles and people will have on the City.

The Warehouse Developers in the southwest side of Beaumont paid all of their mitigation fees for ‘Potrero’. There will be no additional fees paid for other roads, sewer capacity, or medical services when the excessive smog effects the citizens’ health.

In the last three years Beaumont Staff and Council have made a series of poor choices without considering the consequences. Council has ignored/attacked Citizens that knew the Staff was lying and Sewer Funds were being mismanaged. The Citizens should not have to bear the burden of past and current mismanagement and corruption.

For the above stated reasons and others; I am Opposed to the City of Beaumont’s Sewer Fee Increase in Violation of Prop 218 Laws.


____________________ _____________________ ____________