Beaumont’s 2019/2020 Mello Roos CFD Taxes

Beaumont Councilmen Violate State Law requiring ALL of the Councilmen to Vote on any Resolutions, Ordinances, or Collection of Monies.

On August 6, 2019, the Beaumont City Council Approved the 2019/2020 Mello Roos CFD Tax Rolls. The CFD Taxes that will be charged are not listed on the Agenda, only a vague presentation by Albert Webb and Associates proclaiming the ‘savings’ Property Owners receive as a result of additional taxes.

From the Riverside Grand Jury Report on CFDs: “The current public hearings provide only general information and not specifics. This does not give the public enough information to make relevant and informed comment.”

“It could be seen as a conspiracy to mislead the people.”

It is a conspiracy. The Beaumont City Councilmen purposely hired an unqualified, incompetent, corrupt Staff to forge government documents for the sole purpose of covering up past crimes and continuing the City’s Bond and Construction scam.

Four out of five Beaumont City Councilmen live in CFD Development Areas and, in theory, should also be paying Mello Roos CFD Taxes. Also on the Agenda are the CFD Resolutions for the four City Councilmen’s individual Development Areas.

One by one the Beaumont City Councilmen will leave the dais, walk outside, and wait in the hallway while their fellow Councilmen Approve the CFD taxes on their property.

In theory; a council or board member would only recuse themselves if there is a conflict of interest or if they would personally profit from the agenda item. State Law requires ALL of the Councilmen to vote on any resolutions, ordinances, or collection of monies.

California Government Code 36936. “Resolutions, orders for the payment of money, and all ordinances require a recorded majority vote of the total membership of the city council.”

So why do the City Councilmen violate yet another State Law?

Is it so they can tell their neighbors that they didn’t vote for the bond debt?

Do the City Councilmen violate State Law at the ‘recommendation’ of their City Attorney? Why doesn’t their City Attorney explain to them that they have to vote on their own Tax Increases?

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