Beaumont City Council Meeting Tonight August 7, 2018

Closed Session: Cops, Kapanicas, and City Suing the State because the State Won’t let the City Forged RDA Documents

Council Agenda 08 07 2018:…

City of Beaumont City Council Meeting

Closed Session 5:00 PM

Regular Session 6:00 PM

550 E 6th Street, Beaumont, Ca

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Closed Session

2. Conference with Labor Negotiator – Pursuant to Government Code Section 54957.6 City Designated Representative City Manager Todd Parton or his designee.

Police Officers Association

3 Conference with Legal Counsel Regarding Anticipated Litigation Pursuant to Government Code Section 54956.9(d)(2) and/or (3) adverse to Alan Kapanicas (one potential case)

4 Conference with Legal Counsel Regarding Potential Initiation of Litigations Pursuant to Government Code Section 54956.9(d)(4): Successor Agency to the Beaumont Redevelopment Agency v California Department of Finance.


Consent Calendar:

2. Check Warrants Totaling $1,897,139.62:

3. Check Warrants Totaling $1,119,906.88:

5 . Approval of Third Amendment to Tolling Agreement with Moss Levy and Hartzheim:

6 . Approve the Revised Accounting, Financial Management, Investment, Fixed Asset and Capital Improvement Policies:

7 . Approve Resolution of the City Council of Beaumont, California, Adopting a Records Retention Schedule, and Rescinding Resolution 2012-01:

8 . Approve Resolution of the City of Beaumont Terminating Certain Sewer Standby Charges:

9 Approval of Requisitions Greater than $25,000 in Accordance with the City of Beaumont Purchasing Ordinance:

10 . Fee Waiver Request – Beaumont Spirit Run Special Event Application:

11 . Notice of Completion and Bond Exoneration for Street Improvement Bond No. 41284340, Street/Sewer/Storm Drain Performance Bond No. 1945118, Street/Bridge Performance Bond No. 110000049, and Water/Sewer/Precise Grading Performance Bond No. SUR22100025 – K. Hovnanian Homes:

12 . Resolution of the City Council of the City of Beaumont Ordering the Collection of Delinquent Sewage and Sanitation Fees and Directing the County Auditor to Collect Such Fees on the Tax Rolls:

13 . Presentation of the [Invisible] Government Capital Asset Inventory and Valuation in Accordance with Government Accounting Standards Board Statement 34 (GASB 34):

14 . Acceptance of the City of Beaumont Audited Financial Statements for Fiscal Year 2017 Version 3:

15 . Independent Accountant’s Report on Agreed-Upon Procedures Applied to Appropriations Limit Worksheets:

16 . Presentation of Draft Fiscal Year 2017 Independent Auditor’s Report on Internal Control Over Financial Reporting and on Compliance with Other Matters Based on an Audit of Financial Statements Performed in Accordance with Government Auditing Standards:

17 . Formation of CFD No. 2018-1 (Olivewood-Services)[Area 5 Heartland]:

18 . Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion/Renovation Project and Brine Pipeline Installation Projects Bid Results:

19 . Information Technology Professional Services Contract Award:

20 . Authorize Online Service Agreement with Inc for Human Resources Software:

21 . Receive and File Classification and Compensation Report from Ralph Andersen & Associates:

22 . Ordinance Regarding City Clerk and City Treasurer Compensation:

23 . Reimbursement of Travel Expenses to Council Member Lloyd White:

24 . League of California Cities Annual Conference Resolutions:

25 . Approval of City Attorney Invoices for the Month of July 2018 $61,144.82: