Beaumont Audit Finance Committee Meeting Tonight March 4, 2019

No 2018 Audit, No CFD Financial Reports, and They are One Forged Audit Too Late for a ‘Fraud Policy’

1. Adoption of Minutes: Approval of minutes dated February 4, 2019

FAC Minutes 02.04.19

2. January 2019 Financial Reports: Review and approve for presentation to City Council on March 19, 2019.

Item 2

3. Overhead Cost Allocation Plan for FY18-19: Discuss content of the Overhead Cost Allocation Plan.

Accept Overhead Cost Allocation Plan for FY18-19

Item 3

4. Fraud Program and Policy: Review and recommend any changes to the documents.

Item 4

5. Business License Reconciliation Control: Receive and file.

Item 5

6. Internal Control Checklist: Receive and file.

Item 6

7. CFD Overview: Receive and file.

Item 7

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