BCV Water District Meeting Tonight – April 10, 2019

Legacy Highlands wants to Build 3,000 Houses Dependent on Water Supplies that Do Not Exist.


3. Will Serve Letter for Parcel number 401-141-010 located on Avenida Miravilla, Northeast of the Edgar Canyon Road, Avenida Miravilla Intersection in the Community of Cherry Valley (pages 37-42)

7. Consideration of Granting an Exception to the District’s Purchasing Policy for the Well 25 East Wall Construction Project (pages 70-74)

8. Discussion regarding the Water Supply Assessment for TTM 31570 – Legacy Highlands Development Project located south of Highway 60 and west of Beaumont Avenue (Highway 79) (pages 75-79)

9. Discussion regarding the Draft Cooperative Agreement for Beaumont Master Drainage Line 16

10. Discussion regarding Well 22 Site Design and Landscape Options (pages 80-92)

11. Update and Discussion regarding California Water Conditions as of April 4, 2019 (pages 93-103)

12. Discussion regarding SGPWA 2019 Water Supply Outlook, Rate Study,Capacity Fee Study, Tax Based Funding, and SGPWA Schedule of Activities

Read Full Agenda Here: https://bcvwd.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/2019-04-10-Regular-Meeting-Agenda.pdf