Banning City Council ‘Approved’ Pardee Homes Using Potable Water

Pardee Homes is Using Drinking Water in Sprinklers on Butterfield Project. Banning City Council Can’t ‘Approve’ in Violations of State Law

Pardee Homes is running sprinklers on the Butterfield Project east of Highland Springs. Patsy Reeley complained to Beaumont-Cherry Valley Water District Manager Dan Jaggers, who stated that the Banning City Council ‘Approved’ the use of Pardee Homes’ potable water for construction.

Local Government Agencies can not ‘approve’ violations of State and Federal Laws.

State Law requires construction companies to use non-potable or recycled water for construction. Both Banning and Beaumont received Grants and Bond Debt to build recycled water facilities over a decade ago both Cities misused/embezzled the money and never built the facilities.

CVAN has already taken Pardee Homes to Court over the Butterfield Project. Recycled Water is required for the housing development.

And I ask you people: how do you expect to get down Highland Springs when there’s another 10,000 cars on the road?