$400 Million Forged Capital Asset Report Still MIA

Beaumont Finance & Audit Committee Shuts Down Meeting, Refuses to Release List of Capital Assets.

$400 Million is missing from the City of Beaumont. The City has never listed Capital Assets on their Financial Statements because the City Staff and Council misused/embezzled all the money and has no Capital Assets to record.

Beaumont’s 2017 Audited Financial Statements lists $414,959,273 in Capital Assets, but the City can not produce the list of Capital Assets. A Public Records’ Request was submitted in June, but the City refuses to produce the list of Capital Assets.

The List of Capital Assets was on the Beaumont Audit and Finance Committee Agenda for the Committee to ‘Receive and File’, but there is no list of Capital Assets: https://beaumont.civicweb.net/document/15547/FAC%203.pdf?handle=29CE8927C90145799B67EE65AF94682F

At the Audit and Finance Committee Meeting I asked for the List of Capital Assets and was told by Don McDougal, the Consultant that was paid to produce the list of Capital Assets: “You’re never going to see it”.

So I asked the Committee Member if they had a copy of the list of Capital Assets and not one of them had seen a copy of the list – so what were they supposed to ‘receive and file’?

Mayor Nancy Carroll called a recess then cancels the rest of the Meeting because their trusted Staff that work so hard and do such a good job can’t produce the document the Committee was supposed to ‘receive and file’.

Nancy Carroll tried to make it appear as if shutting down the Meeting was retaliation to me, but shutting down the Meeting before they approved that forged 3rd version of the 2017 Audit didn’t hurt my feelings and didn’t solve their problems, it just kicked the can down the road.

The S.E.C. requires the Audit and Finance Committee to approve the Audits, so it has to go back on the Agenda. The City is required to to file it on EMMA, but it has to follow S.E.C. Laws.

And I have no idea how they thought they were going to ‘receive and file’ a document without the ‘receive’ part. Were the Committee Members expected to vote on something without even being able to glance at it?

McDougal then threatened me: “You’ll hear from my Lawyer”.

That’s a good ideal. Let’s get this forged Capital Asset Report and forged Audit documented in Court Records.

The Capital Asset Inventory and Evaluation is on tomorrow’s City Council Agenda for the Council to ‘receive and file’ – without the ‘receive’ part; https://beaumont.civicweb.net/document/15528/Item%2013.pdf?handle=0EEAD5FF7CC14632AC1637E0BDB2D1F7

The Staff Report says that the Report costs a total of $119,172. A Report that nobody can see.

$400 Million is missing from the City of Beaumont. $300 Million was acquired through Mello Roos CFD Bonds for specific purposes.

But there is no $12 million Regional Park, there is no $27 million Westside Fire Station, there is no $100 million Recycled Water Facility and there are not $260 million in roads.

If the City has $414 Million in Capital Assets and has paid $120,000 of Taxpayers’ money to produce a list of those Capital Assets then the list should be available to the Public.

The List should be demanded by the Council and Committee. How can they possibly ‘receive and file’ the list of Capital Assets without seeing the list?

Let’s see what happens.