2018 CFD Bond Trading

After S.E.C. Cease & Desist Order and Multiple ‘Failure to Disclose’ Notices; the World is Not Rushing to Buy Beaumont’s CFD Bonds.

In order to continue Beaumont’s illegal practice of trading Bond Debt for Mitigation Fees; ‘Council Approved’ their trusted Staff to acquire Bond Debt for Pardee Homes regardless of the illegality or or current financial condition.

‘Council Approved’ charging Mello Roos CFD Taxes to Sundance Area 8C and 8D and Tournament Hills Area 17C even though there was no Bond Debt on their Property.

On May 15, 2018 ‘Council Approved’ three Federal Municipal Bonds that were forged in order to give the impression that the money would be used to build Infrastructure, but Beaumont’s Staff and Council made it clear that all the bond money would go to Reimburse Developer Mitigation Fees. Specifically; Pardee Homes.

Apparently after multiple ‘Failure to Disclose’ Notices and an Order from the Securities and Exchange Commission to ‘Cease and Desist from Forging Government Documents in order to Defraud Banking Institution’ nobody wants to buy Beaumont’s fraudulent Bonds. Imagine that.

2018A Area 8C

First Trade Activity: June 04, 2018

Last Trade Activity: July 12, 2018

Largest Security Traded: $250,000

2018A Area 8D:

First Trade Activity: June 07, 2018

Last Trade Activity: July 16, 2018

Largest Security Traded: $155,000

2018A Area 17C

First Trade Activity: June 07, 2018

Last Trade Activity: July 06, 2018

Largest Security Traded: $60,000

Every Security listed on the ‘Final Issue’ page has a column where Standards and Poor’s, Moody’s, Fitch, and KBRA rate the Bond Securities. Beaumont’s bond Ratings are all blank.

And that 2017 Audit that the Pun Group were so proud to Forge hasn’t been uploaded onto EMMA yet – as required by law.

Why not? Doesn’t the City want to counter that last ‘Failure to Disclose 2017 Audited Financial Statements’ with the 2017 Audited Financial Statements?

We know Beaumont’s Staff and Council are all psychopaths, so my $.50 guess is that Ken Pun lost his cojones after it was exposed that Vanessa Burke worked for Urban Futures to forged the Financial Statements that she Audited as an Employee of the Pun Group.

Government corruption, as prevalent as it is, is a fool’s game in the 21st century. Beaumont Staff and Council are those fools.