2017 Audit Removed from Beaumont Website

If there’s Nothing to Hide, Why is Beaumont’s Staff and City Council Hiding??

Attached is a screenshot of the City of Beaumont’s website showing that the 2017 Audited Financial Statements has been removed.

We all remember the catastrophe of a scam the City attempted to pull, but let’s review: Vanessa Burke was hired by Urban Futures to forge Beaumont’s Financial Statements to cover up Bond Fraud just like they did in Stockton. Burke then was hired by The Pun Group to audit the Financial Statements she just finished forging. The Pun Group was gifted the Contract for the 2017 Audit five (5) days after The Pun Group hired Burke. Then the City brought in light bulb salesman Don McDougal to fake being a ‘GASB Teacher’.

The City also hired The Pun Group to forge the 2018 Audit as well, but that Audit has not materialized. The 2018 Audit was scheduled to be released in December 2018, but December 2018 never happened.

When asked why the 2017 Audit had been removed; Mayor Julio Martinez said that he would ‘look into it’; Councilman Lloyd White called it ‘Irrelevant’; and City Manger Todd Parton said that it must have been an ‘accident’ – you know – like the ‘accident’ when Parton altered the 2016 Audit after the City Council Approved it.