Beaumont’s Partners in Crime

The Big Six:

These men took over all of the management positions within the government and used their positions to create revenue for their private sector companies.

  1. William Alyward: Beaumont Finance Director and Principal in Beaumont Auto Center and Mokray LLC/Moody Construction and Director, Table of Plenty.
  2. David Dillon: Economic Development Director and Principal in Urban Logic Consultants.
  3. Ernest Egger: Director of Planning and Principal in Urban Logic Consultants.
  4. James Gregg: Risk Manager and Principal in ERMAC – the City’s self-insurance and Principal in General Government Management Services.
  5. Alan Kapanicas: City Manager / Bond Salesman and Principal in General Government Management Services.
  6. Deepak Moorjani: City Engineer and Engineer profiting from the sale of the Bonds and Principal in Urban Logic Consultants

Additional Players:

Law Firm of Aklufi Wysocki: Beaumont’s City Attorney and orchestrator of 2004 Adjudication of the Beaumont Basin that allowed the City to legally overdraft the Basin for 10 years. Now the Basin has an estimated 3-4 year water supply remaining. The City Attorney repeatedly stated and wrote that there was no conflict of interest with City Management authorizing the work orders for their own Companies.

Auditing Firm of Moss Levy Hartzhiem: This Auditing Firm has performed the City of Beaumont’s fraudulent GAAP Audit and inept Internal Controls Report since 1994.Twenty years is unacceptable.

Union Bank: Bond Trustee to the City of Beaumont’s $350 Million Bond Debt and participant in funneling millions of dollars to Urban Logic Consultants through the Bond Fund Accounts.

Chief of Police Coe: Has suppressed public outcry of corruption by directing assaults, police brutality, and conducting false arrests on private citizens. Beaumont Police Association has demanded the firing of Chief of Police Coe for violations of their Civil Rights.