City Calls Meeting After Police Speak in Council for 2nd Time

Council Members Stated that They ‘believe’ the Process is Fair. There is a Disconnect in the Lines of Communication Between Us.

The City has called a Special Meeting for Tuesday at 5pm after the Police Association packed the room and stated to Council again that their ‘Staff’ is corrupt.

“I say this because City Staff has told us personally that they’re more than willing and prepared to lose experienced Officers.”

The ‘new Council’ hand picked, directed, approved, and backs up everything their corrupt Staff does. At the June 19th Council Meeting Mayor Nancy Carroll made a comment that it was “the same people” objecting to everything they do.

Yes, that’s right. It’s the same people that were correctly identifying the Beaumont’s government corruption 3, 5, and 15 years ago are standing before the Council today. And we’re right again.

City of Beaumont City Council Special Meeting: Closed Session Only

550 E 6th Street, Beaumont, Ca

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Closed Session 5:00 PM

2. City Designated Representative City Manager Todd Parton or his designee.

Police Officers Association

3. Beaumont v. McFarlin & Anderson Et. Al.

Beaumont City Council Closed Session Agenda June 26, 2018:

Beaumont City Council Meeting Transcript June 19, 2018:

1:41:00 Fredrick Steward, President of Beaumont Police Officers Association: I’m here to publicly thank Josh Galbraith for bringing forward his concerns regarding public safety because we, as an Association, have the same concerns. Especially, I’m here to thank all the Citizens and Business Owners from the City of Beaumont, Residents of Beaumont, who are here supporting us. Identified by just being here, identified by wearing yellow pins. We appreciate you in support of us and your commitment to make public safety a priority. Two weeks ago Council was notified of public safety concerns. To summarize; we are losing experienced Officers to nearby cities because they reward their experienced employees. However, we don’t.

1:42:00 Steward: I know Council Members have recently stated that they ‘believe’ the process has been a fair process. If this is how you feel then I believe there is a disconnect in the lines of communication between us. I say this because City Staff has told us personally that they’re more than willing and prepared to lose experienced Officers. Our Community can not afford to lose any more experienced Officers. As of today; Council Members have been included in our lines of communication with the City to ensure that we are no longer victims of information filtering. To be successful we need to work together to make public safety a priority so we can retain our valued Employees and to ensure our ability to attract new ones. Right now we are failing in this category as we have lost numerous tenured Employees who are willing to press the restart button and start their careers somewhere else.