Beaumont Pays Developers $61 Million with No Invoices or Receipts

Pardee Homes Can NOT provide Documentary Evidence of Compliance with the Prevailing Wage that applies to the Facility.

From Beaumont’s Bond Requisitions:“Also, this facility construction date started over 9 years ago and vendor’s [vendors] have either gone out of business or no long[er] have records relating to this facility/project. Due to the timing, it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible for Pardee to retrieve such documents and therefore cannot provide documentary evidence of compliance with the prevailing wage that applies to the facility. Pardee agrees to work with the City to provide any additional documentation requested and/or required from the City in order to move forward with the payment request.”

The vendors don’t have to be in business for Pardee Homes to have receipts for payments that Pardee made to the vendors. The theory is that Pardee Homes is being reimbursed for construction work that Pardee paid for, so why don’t they have the receipts?

Pardee Homes is a Corporation that must file State and Federal Taxes. How did Pardee Homes account for the money they’ve spent without getting a receipt from the vendors they used?

The answer is simple; there are no receipts because the Invoices are forged. Pardee Homes never paid the amount of money the City is reimbursing them for construction of infrastructure or they would have the receiprts. The City is paying Pardee to build houses in Beaumont.

“.. cannot provide documentary evidence of compliance with the prevailing wage that applies to the facility. ..”

California State Law requires ALL government contractors to report their employees’ wages to the State. The City of Beaumont should also have the invoices and payroll records for construction that has occurred in the City.

Why can’t Pardee Homes produce their Payroll?

Is it because they’ve hired a bunch of Illegals?

This is the pattern and practice that has destroyed Beaumont and many other cities across the Country. Shell companies are formed to pillage the Taxpayers’ money. As soon as the shell companies’ scam has run its course or the company becomes the target of a State or Federal investigation; they close down the shell company and form another shell company.

Beaumont has no records of its past of current construction. Houses and warehouses are being built without following any building or safety codes as required by State and Federal Laws – just ask City Councilman Mike Lara who is also the Riverside County Building and Safety DIRECTOR.

In 2018 the City of Beaumont acquired $52,095,000 in CFD Bond Debt and a $81,105,000 Sewer Bond for a total of $133.2 Million.

Over $61 Million was taken out of the Bonds in 2018 without any Invoices or Receipts. $7.8 Million was taken out of the 2011, 2012, and 2013 Bond Fund Accounts that were frozen by the S.E.C.

Was the money payments approved by the City Council or the Finance Authority or the Improvement Authority or whatever excuse they’re using to circumvent California State Laws requiring Voter Approval for all Bond Debt?

No. $61 Million paid out behind closed doors without Public’s knowledge or the Council/Authority’s Approval or knowledge or concern. Has any Councilman asked about the millions in bond debt they’ve ‘Received and Filed’? No.

And without a Pubic Works Director, who’s signing off on the construction of the facilities?

Parton’s girlfriend Kristine Ondrias-Day. Ondrias-Day has a degree in ‘Parks & Rec’. She is not qualified to sign as a Public Works Director, but forging government documents is why she’s being paid $1/4 Million/year.

To this day not one qualified staff member has been hired. To this day not one person has been fired or held accountable. To this day the Beaumont City Council have refused to follow State Laws regarding Public Bid Contracts.