Beaumont City Council Meeting: What Did We Learn? – March 26, 2019

WRCOG is a Perfect Example of a Bureaucracy: It Starts Out as One Little Thing, then it Expands.

Western Riverside Council of Governments was formed to collect Mitigation Fees to build Regional Roadways.

WRCOG Presentation

TUMF – Transportation Uniform Mitigation Fees

City of Beaumont Embezzled $42 Million in TUMF Fees then Quit/was thrown out of program.

$3 Billion in Transportation Improvements and Open Space Acquisition.

Largest Multi-Jurisdictional Mitigation Fee Program in the Country.

Nearing the $1 Billion Mark in Fees Received.

Nearly 100 Projects Completed.

Also responsible for Riverside County Habitat Conservation Agency,

Manager 40,000 Acres with Endangered Species: Stevens Kangaroo Rat.

Coming Soon: Regional Streetlight Program.

Purchase 50,000 Streetlight from SoCal Edison & Convert to LED.

$60 Million ‘Savings’ over 20 year period.

April 2020 Launch Date.

Community Choice Aggregation: Another JPA [Joint Powers Authority]

Purchase Energy on behalf of Local Governments.