Beaumont Audit and Finance Committee Meeting Today September 10, 2018

The Books Closed on June 30th, but there are no Year-End Reports. None of Last Month’s Unaddressed Items are on the Agenda.

Beaumont Audit and Finance Committee Meeting Today

Monday, September 10, 2018


550 e. 6th Street

Last month’s Meeting was canceled after the Committee was unable to provide Agenda Item documents as required by State Law. The Meeting was not continued leaving the Forged Capital Asset scam with Don McDougall’s open and four (4) other Agenda Items were never addressed:

Parliamentary Procedure dictates that the agenda items are continued, but no one on Beaumont’s Staff or Council know or care about rules or laws.

None of the Items on last month’s Agenda are on this month’s Agenda. The books closed on June 30th, so year-end reports should be on the September Audit and Finance Committee Agenda, but there’s nothing.

Last month one of the Agenda Items was ‘May 2018 Financial Report’. September’s Agenda does not have a May, June, or July Financial Report.

What the Agenda does contain is an Internal Controls Checklist from the 2017 Audit:

It’s the same old ‘there are not internal controls’ that the State Controller’s Investigative Report listed in November, 2015:

Read Full Agenda Here: