Beaumont 2018 Sewer Fee Increase

Beaumont Sewer Fees Increased $9.92 and Highland Springs Village Sewer Fees Decreased $2.00.

The City of Beaumont has increased Sewer Fees on Single Family Homes 14.8% from $67.02 to $76.94.

The ‘good news’ is that the City has stopped illegally overcharging the Senior Citizen Community of Highland Springs Village. The Village was paying $78.94, so their Sewer Bill actually decreased $2.00.

The Village was paying $11.92 more than other Ratepayers. Kapanicas stated it was because the Village is outside of the City Limits to justified the overcharge.

At $11.92/month every Sewer Ratepayer in the Highland Springs Village is entitled to a Refund from the City of $143.04 per year for every year they’ve lived in the Village.

Highland Springs Village would now like their money back for all the years the City has been illegally overcharging Senior Citizens.